Maie Wisur

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Wastelands - Fictional landscape photography is an ongoing project in which I’m reusing my old discarded polaroids. I have not photographed these landscapes, and they do not exist in reality. I use the soup/soak technique (bathing my polaroids in hot water for hours or sometimes for days until the emulsion becomes soft and loosens) to create what looks like landscapes. The uncertainty and unpredictability always present in the process intrigues me the most about this way of working. This process has become my companion on my journey. Not knowing where I’m going increases my curiosity to discover and explore these landscapes. This is the hidden world that I am evoking. Over time I have begun to learn how and where to look, but one can never know for sure. I can not even begin to imagine how vast this world is. And for how long it has existed or for how long it will continue to exist. What majestic scenery will I experience next?

I'm a visual artist based in Gothenburg in Sweden. I work mainly with analogue photography, preferably with Polaroid film. And I often use different kinds of techniques to manipulate the images. Such as film soup/soak. I started exploring photography at the age of 15. In my early twenties, I bought my first polaroid camera, a Polaroid SLR 680. My art can be described as somewhat introverted. I am often revolving around my inner world. I aim to depict a certain mood or feeling rather than an actual event. I am combining self-portraits with images of nature, creating a silent dialogue. I’m reusing my old polaroids, often self-portraits, to create new images in my most recent work.