Abisso (Abyssus)

A place of which no walls, lakes or mountains are known
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© Alessio Pellicoro | Abisso

Contemporary photographer Alessio Pellicoro uses landscape, still life and portrait photography as artistic expression and visual language of a journey to self-discovery. The images Alessio makes, have a sort of common thread that tells about poetry, visions and the need to reveal intimacy through the frame of his soul.

© Alessio Pellicoro | Abisso

His process is essentially about translation and synthesis, where the images meet light, and that light animates places, people, apparently banal objects. In this process, they have the power to convey experiences embedded in life, history, conventions and social roles. Alessio tries to give back, through the poetic of images, validity to all this. Those places and visions are no longer trivial, but reveal, in their expressive force, a value that takes shape both for the eyes and for the soul, inviting you to linger and immerse yourself in his imagination.

© Alessio Pellicoro | Abisso

Everything starts from internal conflict, from the need to satisfy a sense of emptiness and inadequacy. Pellicoro's images become a metaphysical imaginary in which every single element represents a pretext to embrace and be embraced, console and be consoled, and fill the void of the soul.

His artistic research is a sort of visual urgency that restores validity to himself and the world around him. Photography, thus, does not only consists of a reproduction of things, but represents an intent to portray the world built day by day, coming from inside, and representing Alessio's stream of consciousness.

© Alessio Pellicoro | Abisso

Alessio Pellicoro tells about his project Abisso (Abyssus), 2020:

A place of which no walls, lakes or mountains are known. A place where light does not penetrate because it is filtered, or maybe rejected. There is no light in the abyss because it can only try naturally in vain to bring you knowledge and clarity. The light tries to extricate itself between the molecules of a dense substance, which as a crowd of people and banks of souls grouped and trapped in their tangle of desperate monotony. It yields but does not fall.

© Alessio Pellicoro | Abisso

We humans desperately fall into the abyss that light does not touch because she emerges frightened by the solemn precipice and, in the impossibility of seeing and perceiving her appearance. It all stems from the desire to bring light into abysmal inner darkness that takes shape and reveals itself on the edge of the small country where I live in southern Italy where my roots absorb lifeblood. The coast of Salento is the protagonist of a dark and nocturnal journey within a "thin land line" that seems to take on a surreal metamorphosis over time. It becomes a place that divides the sea from the mainland and at the same time hides its universe made up of its own planets and stars, which comes alive and shines in my unusual passage. It reveals itself, and I reveal myself to it.

© Alessio Pellicoro | Abisso
Alessio Pellicoro was born in Taranto, South Italy in 1994. He approached to photography in 2016 after an unexpected discovery of some dusted cameras from an old trunk of his father. From that moment, he decided to devote himself entirely to the study of the photographic image. In the same year, he started a Bachelor degree in photography at European Institute of Design in Rome (IED Rome), where he was graduating with honours in July 2019. This course allowed him to deepen his knowledge regarding the analysis and the production of the photographic image and the privilege of taking part in several masterclasses and workshops in Italy and Europe.

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