Phantom of War

War is a scary word that I only knew from films, books, my grandmother’s stories or the news.

Words by

Olena Morozova

© Olena Morozova | Phantom of War

How do you feel when the ground is knocked out from under you? When your home is gone? When you don’t have a home any longer, only ruins instead? When you have nowhere to go back to, and the temporary escape becomes an endless journey. How do you feel? Confusion? Hopelessness? Panic? Fear?

© Olena Morozova | Phantom of War

War is a scary word that I only knew from films, books, my grandmother’s stories or the news, but I’ve never thought I would find myself a participant in this horrific tragedy.

© Olena Morozova | Phantom of War

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The sudden outbreak of war had an enormous impact on my family and me, especially the children. Explosions in neighbouring streets, howling sirens, military fighter planes flying low over our house, the need to hide in the bathroom during the air raid, sitting in the evening without light, taping windows, packing our most precious possessions and evacuating on trains, leaving our comfortable home and our beloved city, separating from our dear friends and relatives, worrying about our parents and grandmothers left behind in Kyiv, finding ourselves in a foreign country without a livelihood, constantly monitoring the news and hoping for a miracle. Why do we need this experience? What conclusions should we draw?

© Olena Morozova | Phantom of War
Olena Morozova (Kyiv, Ukraine) has been professionally engaged in photography since 2015. She studied photography at private schools. Her teachers are such photographers and curators as Alexander Yakimchuk, Dimitri Bogachuk, Vladimir Seleznev, Viktoria Sorochinski, Sergey Melnichenko and others. From 2017 to 2022, she created several projects, received awards and honours in international photography competitions, participated in several group exhibitions, festivals and fairs in Ukraine and Europe, and started teaching photography. Her works are presented in Ukrainian and foreign galleries and published in several magazines, newspapers and art books.

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