Sandrine Aim
February 20, 2023
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I use various mediums like camera-less photography, mixed media as well as encaustic, and I like to push materials and processes together without boundaries. I am interested in the physicality and performance of the piece, experimenting, playing, pushing, cutting, stamping, destroying, or melting the work in reference to the verb list of Richard Serra. My aim is to break and then mend and repair. As I cannot make sense of the world, it helps me to play with materials, go back to the core and follow my intuition. I tackle my fear by looking directly at the dangerous world and becoming an alchemist. I often build ephemeral models with plants and domestic elements, like detergents, sauce, drawings, pieces of collages, and some of my own printed and defaced photos. I go from one medium to the other to create a single piece. My aim is to create to challenge the viewer's appreciation of our unpredictable world and build strange cyanotype sculptures, and I use abstraction to process the ideas of life, mood, and nature together. I recently started new Series called "Derailed" with cyanotypes and a medium format camera. It represents the change of plan or direction in life that happens when outside forces like war, governmental decisions, disease, or unplanned events alter the course of one's life. Film negatives are incorporated and layered with various paper and mixed media to describe maps and movements.

Sandrine Aim is a process-based artist living in London. She studied photography at the London School of Photography, the two years long "Fine Art Course" as well as "Mixed Media and Drawing" at City lit college in London. She is currently participating in the "Contemporary practice: Personal project Course" at City Lit. She attends regularly the International Festival on Experimental Photography activities, where she moderated a session on cyanotype in 2021. She is also part of their online school "Agora", where she is currently studying "Exploring experimental photography". She participated in various juried exhibitions in the U.K and the U.S.A. She had some images published in "The Hand Magazine" in the U.S.A and "Artdoc Photography Magazine".
Sandrine Aim
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