Frozen August

Jennifer Baron
February 19, 2024
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I translate my feelings into my work using universal themes that deal with grief, trauma, loss and healing. There is always an autobiographical element present. Making visible experiences, pain and traces left behind. In my work, abstraction alternates with intimacy and emotion. With my images, I seek to connect with nature and the body as a landscape of that nature. Light and dark in your images are about hope and despair. My research goes through my own body as a carrier of grief, not just mental. With my work, I want to create a space where the universal becomes personal, where abstraction and emotion come together, and where healing can begin.

Jennifer Baron (1971) is a Dutch photographer based in Amsterdam. Transitioning from a career in education, she followed her passion - photography. What distinguishes her as both a human and an artist is the empathy and sensitivity she shows and feels towards the human condition. Her work serves as a testament to her dedication to storytelling and her focus on universal themes such as grief, trauma, loss and the journey of healing. In each piece, there is an indelible trace of her own life story - a poignant autobiographical element which characterizes her photography with personal and emotionally resonant.
Jennifer Baron
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