Jet Lag Disorder

Emily Fan Yang
February 6, 2024
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My practice centers on photography and moving images to show the pervasive nature of ambiguity and liminality in human life. I take my inspiration from simple observations of daily life. I am interested in how narrative can recover meaning from uncertainty and the relationship between the object and the image in photography.
Jet Lag Disorder is an ongoing project I started in the summer of 2017. This photography project begins with an aerial photo. Flight is an example of liminality: we go away from one location but have not arrived at our destination. With the experience of the worldwide rise of populism and Covid-19, we are so far from the era when different regions of people embraced each other mentally and physically. Now, we guess, we wait, we imagine where we will be.
In this project, I explore the ways of distancing from reality directly through the lens. I compose or layer multiple components and use long exposure to condense information and complicate how we see reality. The image Blue Print blends the interior of an architecture office with a shopping mall design and an outside suburban street in one frame. I show a thin wall between the present and future in that picture.
The project is my reflection and meditation amid vast surrounding unrest. The images merge both calmness and discomfort. In my photographs, the world looms at a distance. An indistinct fantasy with an unsettling, dream-like atmosphere disorients viewers, resembling the jet lag after a long-haul flight.

Emily Fan Yang's practice centers on photography to show the pervasive nature of ambiguity and liminality in human life. In her photographic projects, she presents the liminal stage in the body, image-making, and the social change. 
She lives and works in Shanghai now. She graduated from Shanghai University with a B.A in Film-making, and received MFA in Photography from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Exhibitions include Miami Film Festival; Vermont Center for Photography; Aperture Foundation, New York; CENTER, Santa FE. 
Emily Fan Yang
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