Life of Flowers

Alessandra D'Innella
November 3, 2023
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My practice as a photographer is based on the exploration of the creative process, how this is affected by cultural identity, memories and influences from different cultures and how these factors can affect and transform our perception of the environment. More specifically, I am interested in how notions we have about another country can trigger and develop imagination, desire and escapism.
Through the relationship between humans and the environment, my practice investigates how these notions can be visually translated into a work of art that echoes a place or a visual aesthetic, letting the interpretation or misinterpretation become an act of imagination.
Life of Flowers is a project inspired by the idea of impermanence and illusion of reality in Zen philosophy. Using flowers as an ephemeral subject, I painted them with ‘unreal colours’ to give a feeling of abstraction. The flowers are captured out of the flow of time, conveying in this way the illusion of a constant present moment.

Alessandra D'Innella is an Italian photographer living in London. After working in communication in the theatre sector as an art director and graphic designer, she received an MA from Goldsmiths University in Photography. She also has exhibited internationally in several group shows.
Alessandra D'Innella
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