Living along the Lura

Marvi Hetzer
May 16, 2023
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I present a work made with rayographs with expired paper, which does not allow the white to be white of a torrent called Lura in Italy. This torrent, runs for 45 km from its source at the border with Switzerland to the gates of Milan, where it meets the Olona river. For years it has been in the headlines for the discharge of pollutants deriving from factory waste and illegal dumping of chemical and toxic substances. In the past, there was also a case of a nuclear disaster in which a high percentage of Celsium was found in the waters of the river. So, today, we find pollution stains on the stones, leaves with stains and strange colours. I am very indignant because I would like my daughter to be able to play in its waters, and I don't want to keep her away because the water is toxic.

Marvi Hetzer was born in Argentina and has been living in Italy for 24 years. Her photographic work tends to reflect on personal experiences, being a single mother or reconnecting the fragmentary history of my female lineage and the memories of a childhood lived on the South American farms. She has two long-term projects; one explores issues and life in general around the families of single mothers, and the other is about childhood memories in a very distant and peasant world. They're entitled "Somos tu y yo" and "Gualicho". Since 2018 she has been studying photography with photographer Nausicaa Giulia Bianchi.
Marvi Hetzer
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