Paola Francesca Barone
September 10, 2021
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My classical and humanistic educational background has brought me a glance at the external and inner reality, which is archaeological and stratigraphic. For me, photography is a suspension of the incessant flow of time that we experience and the possibility of suspending the present moment, which is composed of the past and future. Photography allows a meeting of chronological time and inner time in a point that is fixed and dilated, exists and saves the cosmos from chaos. The light captured by the lens becomes a sort of timepiece: it clearly defines the object in its presence, and in its absence. It sublimates the evaporated contours. From here stems the current research into shadows as a mental representation of the "true" object of external reality and the elaboration of abstract images of purely sensory content, independent of any precise, logical elaboration, but linked to a certain emotional and sentimental state.

I am a teacher of classical languages (Latin and Greek), passionate about photography, and self-taught. Thanks to Instagram, I started to make my work available. In the last two years, I have participated in competitions and exhibitions, and I have received the following mentions: Interminati spazi 2020 with a photo exhibition in Turin, 2020, Minimalist Photography Awards 2020, architecture section, Finalist One Eyeland World's Top 10 Mobile Photo Contest 2020, Minimalist Photography Awards 2020, abstract section.
Paola Francesca Barone
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