Ode to Idra

Francis Augusto
May 21, 2024
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Ode to Idra chronicles my experience on the idyllic Greek island during my first artist residency. It is a visual love letter to travelling, the bonds we make and introspection. Away from my routine, I felt a sense of freedom, surrounded by the mesmerising colours and sounds of Idra. The experience inspired me to embrace my artistic practice. I cherish the memories I created on Idra and will always be grateful for the gentle jolt it gave me, both artistically and personally.

Francis Augusto (b.1993) is an Angolan-born artist. Augusto’s practice delves into the human experience, adopting an observational approach to image-making. Drawing from social theory, he operates at the intersection of social research, documentary, and art practice. His works explore themes of self, mundanity, and interaction. His most recent major work, Songs of Love & Loss, examines the complexities of romantic relationships. He has won the British Journal of Photography's Portrait of Britain award and a 2023 grantee of Arts Council England project grants. His social documentary approach is visible in his commercial and editorial work for Fuji, Nike, and Bloomberg.
Francis Augusto
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