Tela D’ombra. L’illusione in un inserto d’arte

Silvia Gaffurini
August 22, 2022
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My current artistic practice is the inevitable continuation of my previous job: I used to be a restorer, and today, as an artist, I am pursuing exactly the same goal: I aim to reach an ideal renaissance of values such as protection and respect of the past to prevent the nowadays altered reality to transform precious memory in mere dust. My main sources of conceptual inspiration are Cesare Brandi, the Italian father of the theory of restoration and the British philosopher John Ruskin. By choosing the self-portrait as human mean of investigation of the shifts in the female condition in contemporary society, I end up touching on the theme of environment. This way, the concept of protection and recovery is transformed into what I call "visual ecology", which entails including in the images of my work upcycled from the internet, fragments of paintings, personal drawings, materials of various kinds like vintage frames and glass, with the aim of renewing the symbolic value of the past. I perceive the above elements as grafts into photography, a space for free thought, where the past is welcome and regenerated, and where I examine concepts through a Romantic lens.

Silvia Gaffurini (Brescia 1965) Lives and works in Brescia. 1987 she graduated in painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, in Milan and from 1990-2011, she worked as a restorer. 2014 she made her debut with her solo show at MIA Milan Image Art Fair (solo). 2015-2018-2022, she (collective) she exhibited at the Fotofever in Paris and at MIA, with specific projects chosen by juries (Contest) and by reference galleries. 2018-2022 you have participated (collectively) in national exhibitions at museums and galleries, both public and private. 2017-2021 she received honorable mentions at the FAPA Awards in London and at the Neutral Density Awards in New York. 2022 was a finalist in the Irinox Prize I ° edition. Her works have been acquired by the Musinf of Senigallia (2018) and by the Malerba Fund of Milan, (2021). 2018 - 2022 was published in national magazines (Inarte Magazine, Il Fotografo magazine and in the third volume "Il Corpo Solitario" written by Giorgio Bonomi.
Silvia Gaffurini
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