Thought Trails

Jackie Mulder
July 14, 2021
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Repeating patterns, a misty haze, and thread and sticky tape to hold the pieces together. Thought Trails shows the workings of our brain when we are doing nothing. That’s where creativity starts: thoughts wander off, randomly switch between past and present, or shift from blurry to crystal clear. The mind forges fascinating connections, blocks certain memories and fills in the blanks with imagination. It enables us to manipulate the world around us to our liking. In Thought Trails, the photograph of a lace curtain from a stifling past gets a defiant streak of red oil paint. Imperfect cross stitches and careless dots of beeswax add a rebellious touch to nostalgic scenes. Old windows shed a new light on familiar territory. These daring collages present a brand new world: its multiple layers draw the viewers in and invite them to let their own imagination run loose.

At an early age, Jackie Mulder planned her escape from the repressive religious community that she grew up in. The road to rebellion led her to become an Amsterdam-based mixed media artist, who combines her skills in fashion design, graphic design and photography to show the beauty of divergence. It always starts with a photograph that gradually grows into something more. Her tactile, one-of-a-kind works of art draw attention to small, overlooked or unappreciated scenes from her surroundings. In a contemplative process, Mulder mends what is broken and puts it in the spotlight. Nostalgic and often gloomy backgrounds, representing emotionally charged scenes from her past, add a deeper dimension. With repetitive needlework, she eases her mind and changes the rules. By stitching and sticking the pieces together, a new layered reality is born.

Jackie Mulder
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