Time Capsules

Patrícia Abreu
June 30, 2022
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These are photographs from my newest Series called TIME CAPSULES, 2022. This Collection consists exclusively of Macro Photographs. A set of delicate abstract images that evoke another World, another Time, stored in bubbles that retain memories of a remote Past, evoking a kind of time travel… In my personal research on old family belongings, objects that could speak of my Past, I found 2 hand-blown glass paperweights, one from my father and one from my father-in-law, who left us last year - father figures represented in blocks of blown glass, objects I carry with me as reminders of their presence in my life. Through the lens, I noticed details and properties that could be investigated in Macrophotography. So I started building this New Collection in search of the magical photospheres these objects revealed to me, capturing fragments of the Past contained in these encapsulated worlds.

Patrícia Abreu is a Brazilian Visual Artist who mixes multiple techniques in the realization of her works. With a degree in Graphic Design, Photography and professional experience in Art Direction for Audiovisual Dramaturgy, she moves fluently through different languages ​​in search of original expression. Graduated in Graphic Design from PUC-RJ, Brazil, in 1991, she worked for 15 years in Art Direction, Props and Costumes for Films and TV Series. After this period, she works as a freelancer in several areas of Visual Arts, including works in Direction of Photography for Video Clips. Currently, she directs her photographic exercise to express her conceptual and formal artistic visions. Using her experience as a Designer, she builds images through Macrophotography, which reaches abstraction, eventually allowing digital interference in her search for new approaches to visual artistic expression.
Patrícia Abreu
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