Two Tone Toon

Andrew Pounder
May 22, 2023
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Having lived in Newcastle for more than twenty years, I've become more interested in recording time-capsule moments of local places and events. I first began taking notice of the ever-changing urban landscape when I started to take my photography more seriously and became obsessed with taking HDR photographs of local pubs. When revisiting some of these areas a few years later, there would be a different pub name and/or paint colour. In some cases, the pub had disappeared altogether. The same observation goes for the city centre itself. Over the last decade, there has been a great deal of urban regeneration, with many disused buildings and smaller shopping centres lost to progress and new architectural ideas. Although there is plenty of regional tourist-attraction art photography content available to the public to enjoy, I want to continue to grow a series of the more obscure or hidden-gem views across this northern city that may not otherwise be captured so that when they are viewed together as a collection by a later generation, it should reflect a sense of what life was like here in the 2020s.

Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Andrew is coming relatively late to fine art photography, having spent a successful career within IT. A little over a decade ago, his then-girlfriend (now wife) lent her Nikon D80, which was a first experience with DSLR - in the early years, that camera was almost worn out, taking many cricketing sports shots. After a camera upgrade to Nikon D5200, he instantly saw a technical improvement and spurred him on to improve artistically. He began uploading better work examples to online digital media sites, with reasonable success with one photograph in particular and continuous small sales from other photos. Although the revenue could be regarded as small-change pocket-money, it was good to know the photographs were being displayed and appreciated around the world and as a validation of the creative spirit in a minor way. Now with a full-frame camera, Andrew continues to refine and enjoy his photography.
Andrew Pounder
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