Um mundo que fala ao teu ouvido

Joana Dionísio
October 13, 2023
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In northern Portugal, between Minho and the mountains, there is an area where history and legends merge. Melgaço is a space with a strong cultural identity, recognized for its folklore and its unique landscape, where two elements are almost always related: water and femininity. Both are necessary for the fertility of the valley and irreplaceable references in the imagination of Alto Minho. 

Myths, superstitions, tales and legends are an undeniable part of our common culture. This memory-based knowledge is a vestige of the past; it manifests in the way people move through society, changing their perception of the world. This spiritual heritage is uprooted in the culture of the Portuguese man and usually appears hidden in rural areas, far from speeds and progress, where people live in deep connection with the natural world. 

This project presents a collection of narratives from the region directly from the heart of its people. The project seeks to reflect on the social value of these narratives and metaphors; where they appear simple, they often have deeper meaning. They offer wisdom in the face of human frailty, and they arise from the need to explain the mysteries of the universe, as well as our place within it. They are timeless stories that remind us of what it means to be human. From voice to voice, tales survive the centuries. Men die, but they remain. 

Joana Dionisio (b. 1993) is a Portuguese photographer based in Porto, where she works as a freelancer on various commissioned and personal projects. Having first studied Audiovisual Communication Technologies, she completed a Master in Artistic Photography in 2021. Joana has exhibited her work in a range of solo and group exhibitions, whilst she was selected for FRESH EYES 2022– a publication showcasing emerging European Photography Talent by GUP Magazine and was nominated as a new talent for Futures in 2023 by Bienal Fotografia do Porto. 
Joana Dionísio
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