Unseen trees

Ángel Diego
December 1, 2023
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Trees are the direct connection with nature; they are the link with Mother Earth, and that is why they catch our gaze instantly, and their vision calms us. Years ago, when I considered what I wanted to photograph, the first idea that came up was to photograph trees, and when I thought about how to do it, I decided that it had to be done without them knowing so as not to distort their appearance so that they would not pose for me. I wanted to surprise them with their absorption in their tranquillity, and I wanted to capture it with my camera. 

For a long time now, most of my photographs have been in infrared. This technique applied to photographs of trees allows me to see them as they cannot be seen, capturing the secrets that other people do not even suspect. Sometimes, I wonder if they will agree that I see them like this, and I think yes, they will agree; At least they haven't told me anything about it yet. 

Ángel Diego (Tiñana, Spain) has always been fond of photography ever since his father taught him to look through a camera. Over the years, he has evolved in the way he expresses his love for nature. Oriented towards macro photography at first and mountain photography, he then moved on to long-exposure seascape photography until, for some time now, he has dedicated himself almost exclusively to infrared landscape photography and mainly to landscapes in which the trees appear.
Ángel Diego
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