Mila Maes
July 12, 2022
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My art combines two of my passions - nature and polaroids. Nature never ceases to amaze and inspire me - I don't think I have proper words to describe how I feel about nature. Through observing nature, I learn to understand and love myself. Also, I am captivated by the magic of polaroid. I feel that polaroid creates another dimension - it combines both -perfection and imperfection and shows how beautiful the latter can be. To me, nature on polaroid is the perfect combination. It shows the beauty of nature and creates some kind of dream world. During the past few years, I've come to feel a deep connection to wetlands. It's the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen, and I love it with every bit of me. Last year I started shooting this series because this love I have is so much bigger than me and I feel the need to share it.

Mila is a Russian photographer at the moment living in Finland. Mila has been exposed to photography since childhood, helping her father develop films in the darkroom. As a teen, she was exploring the world with point-and-shoot cameras. Her interest in film photography never left her, and after trying out different formats, she ended up falling in love with Polaroid. She's been shooting Polaroid since 2011 and took part in several group exhibitions. In 2022 Mila won Fine Art Photography Award for her series "Wetlands". Through her visual language, she hopes to give a feeling of connection and belonging to this incredible planet.
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