When it Rains

Siobhan Costigan
May 12, 2023
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I have lived my whole life close to the ocean, which brings me immense joy. I use photography, which is a powerful tool to show both the physical and psychological impacts of global warming, as currently, one in seven people in New Zealand lives in flood-prone areas. By using myself as the protagonist in some of my images, I hope to illustrate how the effects are impacting New Zealanders daily lives, also highlighting how nature and mankind are all interconnected. Through this series, I hope the viewer takes a moment to reflect on the potential devastating effects on displaced, vulnerable communities and the accompanying mental health issues. As the sea encroaches on our habitat, the structures of mankind begin to distort to become unclear, and my images point to a time when there will be no safe dwelling place. My choice to shoot through my car windscreen in the rain adds to the distortion and sense of impending doom.

Siobhan Costigan is a photographer living in Wellington, New Zealand. Originally born in South Africa, she moved here in 2012. She creates contemporary fine art photographs by exploring and capturing beauty in (seemingly) everyday situations. Her work will inspire you to reflect on the natural environment and its connection to your human nature. Siobhan’s preference for limited colour and tone make her work unique and instantly recognisable. Awards Highly Commended, Asia Pacific Photography Awards, 2022 Two Honorary Mentions, International Photography Awards, 2018 Two Honorary Mentions, International Photography Awards, 2016 Publications Shots Magazine, Issue 140, 'Forces of nature", 2018 Creative Quarterly 100 Best Book - Top 25: Photography, 2017 Creative Quarterly New York, Issue 47, Journal of Art and Design, 2017 Exhibitions Pataka Art + Museum, Group Show, Wellington, 2018 Creative Quarterly Group Show, New York, 2018 New Zealand Art Show, Group Show, Wellington, 2016 Matchbox Gallery, Through The Looking Glass, Group Show, Wellington, 2016.
Siobhan Costigan
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