With a sweet touch of nature

Isabel Soares dos Reis
March 1, 2024
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The Industrial Age is coming to an end. The factory walls are rigid, but by using glass, I managed to reflect the sweet touch of nature on the hard walls of the factory. I like the delicacy of the trees and the poetry of the reflected light. The use of reflections has always been an instrument for photographers.

I already feel this project as the memory of an Industrial Age that is still ours and without knowing what the future will be like. I try to express how important nature is and how it offers delicacy to everything it touches. So, let's take care of it whatever the future holds.

Isabel Soares dos Reis has completed the Photography Formation at the National Society of Fine Arts of Portugal. She also has a degree in psychology. She believes that beauty is simple and that simplicity, respect for nature, delicacy and peace are the best instruments for a better world. Since 2018, Isabel Soares dos Reis has participated in several photography exhibitions at: "SNBA", "Arte Graça Gallery", "Juventude da Galiza" and other local photographic initiatives spread across Portugal. She was interviewed on the FOTOBOX program by Portuguese Television.
Isabel Soares dos Reis
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