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Nature possesses an innate and profound healing power. The serene rustle of leaves in a forest, the gentle lapping of waves along a shore, and the vibrant hues of wildflowers can soothe the human soul. The beauty of natural landscapes has always been seen and captured by painters and photographers. In this issue 5, 2023 Healing Nature, of Artdoc Magazine, we highlight gifted artists who show their specific relation to the healing powers of nature. They made images that not only depict natural landscapes but also enter into the spiritual energy of nature. We humans need healing from the many wounds of modern life. And thankfully, the art of photography has a soothing and consoling quality. Featured in issue 5 2023, Healing Nature: Marc Wilson, Jason DeMarte, Ara Oshagan, Christine Simpson, Jennifer Graham, Jaume Llorens i Bach, Joel Simpson, Julia Casesnoves, Alessio Pellicoro, Debora Lombardi, Yuliana Paranko, Tommaso Moni, and Ellen Jantzen.
In this Artdoc Issue, we bring photographers who work with shapes, lines and colours to express emotions and stories in their photographs. Italian artist Noemi Comi uses alienating purple and turquoise colours to convey the mysterious tale of the Werewolves. Spanish photographer Andrés Gallardo Albajar photographed stunning architecture full of vibrant lines. In his series Urban Geometry, he documented dazzling cityscapes in many countries. British documentary photographer James Deavin found colourful scenes in the sandy backyard of Saudi Arabia, telling human stories of the large, unknown country.
The enigma of life has captivated the human mind for centuries. Throughout history, philosophers and scientists have grappled with the enigmas of the universe. Artists embrace the mystery of life as an invitation to explore and marvel at the complexity surrounding us. In this issue of Artdoc Magazine, Enigma of Life, a photo basel special, we bring photographers who have cultivated a sense of wonder and curiosity, combining it with a critical position towards art history, environment, and politics. ‍Featured: Zak van Biljon, Elina Brotherus, Michal Chelbin.
In the past, people used to write down their daily experiences in diaries, but in our visual age, we use photography to record our lives. The visual diary has become a common practice of modern storytelling. In recent times photographers and artists have used this form of private visual storytelling to get hold of their lives and past, which seldom appears to be troublesome and traumatic. In this issue of Artdoc Magazine, we interviewed three artists who dived into their family past and found secrets, broken stories, and haunting demons. Featured: JP Terlizzi • Carolle Bénitah • Astrid Reischwitz






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